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Mary Milionis has always been asked, “What does it take to keep my skin look so healthy and young?” Not only have her past clients asked this but also the family, friends, and acquaintances who are curious about Mary’s skincare routine. The author usually tells them that what they do will have a drastic effect on how their skin looks. Yes, it really does matter how you treat your skin.


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Mary Milionis

Mary Milionis is the founder of Biotherapy Esthetics, a skincare products company. She is also the founder and previous owner of the Esthetique European Skin Clinic in San Mateo, California. As a licensed esthetician, Mary has more than 40 years of skincare experience, having worked with thousands of clients to solve their most sophisticated skincare challenges. Aside from her love of healthy skin, Mary is passionate about healthy living regimes, too. She lives in California with her husband and has two grown-up children and five grandkids. In this book, Mary Milionis draws upon her over 40 years in the skincare industry as an experienced and dedicated esthetician. After learning and mastering skincare art, including the effects of a proper skincare regime and high-quality products, she decided to elevate her passion for skincare and become a licensed Paramedical Esthetician in 1996. Having been educated in Greece, Switzerland, and the United States, she continued her education and pursued extensive education, focusing on skincare and proper skincare treatment. She has additional training in anti-ageing treatments, chemical peels, and exfoliation techniques, including ultrasonic-peels. Over the past three decades, Mary has treated all skin types and conditions using the most advanced skin care products and systems available in the market today.


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The skin is the largest organ of the body.
HELPFUL TIPS; Biotherapy Esthetics Skincare products are worth a try.
Skin Care Regimen for morning and night, use skincare products with High-quality ingredients. Protect your skin from the sun. Apply sun block even with rainy days. Exercise at least three times per week. Eat Healthy and avoid fast food. Don’t smoke or be around others who smoke.

Every product has been tried, tested and hand-chosen by Mary Milionis. Mary’s products can be used to make your skin look years younger. Biotherapy Esthetics Skincare products are worth a try. Biotherapyesthetics.com

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Mary’s Chapters


Are you persuaded enough to gift yourself a skincare routine? The next question you may ask is, how do I do that? How do I take care of my skin? You will learn how to build habits that result in healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle in the chapters ahead.

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What Does It Take to Look Younger than Your Age?

Hello there! I am happy you decided to proceed and make efforts to live inside.

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Like every other part of your body, your skin also requires attention and special care.

sec3 book imgThe Sun

We all grow up hearing not to go out in the sun, bare skin.

sec3 book imgEating Healthy

They say you are what you eat, but no one takes this statement seriously.

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How do you define exercise? It is defined as an essential movement that burns calories.

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The Products

Anything good in this world does not come without any efforts. If it’s easy.

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Look Younger than your age

Look Younger than Your Age and Live a Healthy Life is a book written by Mary Milionis to help people look younger than their age since it is the key to a happy and healthy life. It will direct terms to the right regiment to skincare and healthy life as an everyday routine. It is also directed toward educating teenagers on taking care of their skin to avoid acne problems having healthy-looking skin.

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Look Younger than your age

The official trailer of Mary Milionis’ new book is here and see what more Look Younger than Your Age and Live a Healthy Life talks about choosing the right skincare products and the proper skincare routine for your skin.


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According to the author, spending big bucks on the most expensive products is not the solution. Hence, the book talks about spending sensibly on the ideal products for your skin. Here’s what readers had to say about the book.