About The Author

Mary Milionis

Mary Milionis is the founder of Biotherapy Esthetics, a skincare products company. She is also the founder and previous owner of the Esthetique European Skin Clinic in San Mateo, California. As a licensed esthetician, Mary has more than 40 years of skincare experience, having worked with thousands of clients to solve their most sophisticated skincare challenges. Aside from her love of healthy skin, Mary is passionate about healthy living regimes, too. She lives in California with her husband and has two grown-up children and five grandkids. In this book, Mary Milionis draws upon her over 40 years in the skincare industry as an experienced and dedicated esthetician. After learning and mastering skincare art, including the effects of a proper skincare regime and high-quality products, she decided to elevate her passion for skincare and become a licensed Paramedical Esthetician in 1996. Having been educated in Greece, Switzerland, and the United States, she continued her education and pursued extensive education, focusing on skincare and proper skincare treatment. She has additional training in anti-aging treatments, chemical peels, and exfoliation techniques, including ultrasonic-peels. Over the past three decades, Mary has treated all skin types and conditions using the most advanced skincare products and systems available in the market today. As the Esthetique European Skin Care Clinic’s previous owner in the Bay Area, Mary has seen over 1,000 patients. As a result of the extensive patient studies and treatments, Mary developed two private skincare lines of Esthetique Skin Care and Biotherapy Esthetics. After this extensive experience practicing skincare treatment and helping countless patients with acne skin problems and skincare issues, she now shares her in-depth knowledge in this book to benefit readers who are passionate about healthy skin.